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St Chad's Mothers Union

What is Mother's Union


Mothers’ Union is an International Christian Charity, which supports families world wide.  The purpose of Mothers’ Union is to be especially concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriage and Christian family life.  Some members attend meetings where they come together in prayer and support for each other as well as helping many of the global and local projects, with which Mothers’ Union is involved.

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St Chad's Mothers Union is open to everyone female, male, single, married, parents, grandparents and young adult members. By becoming a member of St Chad's Mothers Union you are joining a network through which you can serve Christ in your own community and beyond through prayer, financial and emotional support.


Interested in becoming a member then contact Ms Sue Gillet 01606 554308

What Is Involved


St Chad's Mothers Union meet together every 4th Wednesday at 7.30pm.

Mothers Union come together, to enjoy friendship, fellowship and to support each other.  St Chad's Mothers Union run events throughout the year, which will vary from listening to a guest  speaker talk on a subject linked to Mothers’ Union work, giving a wider picture of the work in which Mothers’ Union is involved, provide invauable support to local community projects, promote and raise funds for community and Mothers’ Union projects and support these with prayer.


St Chad's Mother's Union rewarding work is in serving its community.

Mothers Union Diary Of Events

Need More Information or Resources

Then Click On The Mothers Union Logo Above To Visit The Diocese of Chester Mothers Union Web Site.